“Bringing Mouth-Watering & Authentic Indonesian Cuisines To Penang!”

At the heart of every recipe lies the soul and quality that can only be drawn out with the right cooking techniques. At Nona Bali, our culinary chefs are skilled at drawing out the rich aroma and flavors of our dishes that would otherwise go unnoticed through conventional cooking methods. We offer both authentic Indonesian cuisine fused with Balinese cooking tradition.

“We pay attention to cleanliness and healthy food. Over here, there is no artificial flavouring or use of MSG. We ensure the kitchen is spick and span.”

We believe, with the right amount of passion, hard work and determination, we can bring the most authentic Indonesian dining experience that not only excites your palette, but at the same time reveals the hidden gems of true Indonesian flavours. We are ecstatic to go on this new culinary journey with you and we hope you are too.